Wright Square, Georgia

How does one even begin a "travel-photography" blog ? Does one throw all caution to the wind or remain as reserved as possible?. I guess I will never know , perhaps it is part of the process of writing.. never really knowing where it will end up but writing regardless. So in the middle of June, which so happens to be last week, I went on a 5 day road trip with my boyfriend heading from Southern Florida to North Carolina.On the way we passed Savannah, Georgia and found this gem called Wright Square.

It was filled with stoop houses, greenery and apparently also ghost tours. We didn't have the time to explore as much as we wanted, or even go to any ghost tours but the colonial architecture mixed with the brick walls was a really lovely sight.

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New Days

I took these collection of photos in the span of a few months, really no longer than 2 or 3 in 2014. It was around a time I was not feeling much like myself and was not taking nearly as many photos as I liked. So I reverted back to what I really loved and started with ... capturing nature, animals and really all the little things that might otherwise be overlooked. I still from time to time go back to these set of photos , among others and remember what it felt like taking them. 

Kind of like remembering a scent that takes you back to the time you wore it, or tasting something that you loved as a kid .. It is that same familiarity and nostalgia.


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